MT4 EA folder moved

There has been a significant change recently to the location of Expert Advisors inside the MetaTrader MT4 application. This can interrupt the ability to connect to MYFX. MYFX is tested to work fine with this new version, however in some cases some basic manual steps are required to be able to connect, after upgrading.

Replacing the Expert Advisor
Step 1 – Take a copy of the MYFX Expert Advisor
Navigate to “C:\Program Files\MYFX\MYFX Console\Files\Experts”
Right click on the file “MYFX_Trading_Console.ex4” and choose Copy

Step 2 – Open your MetaTrader 4 platform.

Step 3 – Open the File menu, and select “Open Data Folder”. Please note it is CRITICAL that you access this way, and not by browsing via Program Files.


Step 4 – Open the “MQL4” directory, and then the “Experts” directory.



Step 5 – Paste the File from Step 1.
Right click in the Directory and choose “Paste”

Step 6 – Copy the template file
Navigate to “C:\Program Files\MYFX\MYFX Console\Files\Templates”
Right click on the file “MYFX_Trading_Console.tpl” and choose Copy

Paste this file into the new MQL4 templates directory

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OCO Trading Video

The MYFX Console is able to handle OCO trading with MT4. We have released a new video explaining how this works. Do you use OCO when you are trading?

OCO, Global Mandate & Web Sites from Neo Rio on Vimeo.

Free demo video of some features of MYFX

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FX Trade Manager

A feature that has been available in MYFX for a while is the “Trade Manager”. This helps a lot of traders who wish to set complex Take Profit and Stop Loss positions. The MYFX Trade Manager allows you, in particular, to set up to 4 different Take Profit levels with a different percentage of trade being taken out on each level.

The training video explains how to set up the Trade Manager to meet your individual needs

Did you notice you can also save a number of different named patterns in the MYFX Trade Manager and then apply them to your various trades.

Note : The settings in the MYFX Trade Manager only operate when you keep the MYFX software open and have a live connection to your MT4 broker.

Do you use the MYFX Trade Manager with your trades? What extra features would you like to see the Trade Manager have?

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MYFX Console v.2.8 (Vanessa)

Just a bit over a week ago we announced the latest release of the MYFX Console software. This is version 2.8, which was codenamed “Vanessa”. This version has required a considerable amount of time spent by our programmers on making the connections between MT4 and MYFX more stable and secure, as well as adding some extra trade order functions.

We received a lot of great feedback from our beta testers and have been busy talking with users of MYFX since the initial release. While we cannot apply every bit of feedback received, we were able to go through all the feedback topics and make many changes based on what we saw were recurring themes.

Over the last week we have been working on a number of fixes required for, in particular, older versions of MT4 and have released a minor version update for these. This is version 2.8.1. We found an issue with MT4 versions 229 and below which did not appear to be compatible with the Expert Advisor (EA) we were running, but have now resolved this. If anyone is experiencing problems with older versions of MT4 please contact us. Sometimes it is hard for us to test every version of MT4 for every broker on our system, and your help here is invaluable.

Here are a few changes we have made in Version 2.8, “Vanessa”…

  • Better connectivity with MT4
  • Modify Pending Orders screen introduced
  • Improved Online Error Reporting
  • Enhanced Net Position Feature
  • Updated Account Grid for better performance and memory management
  • Improved support for more Broker Symbols
  • User Interface updates
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and minor tweaks based on feedback!
MYFX Screenshot

MYFX Version 2.8

The “modify pending orders” section is worth a post on its own and we will be writing about it in the next post.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this latest release. We continue to review the feedback received and work on the next version has already begun. The next version, 2.9, will be codenamed “Haley”.

To download the latest version of MYFX Console, you can click here.

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Gallant Capital Markets

MYFX has recently concluded a deal with Gallant Capital Markets (GCMFX) to allow them to offer the MYFX Console to their clients. We are excited to be working with Gallant Capital Markets who offer a unique VPS solution for clients trading with MT4 and MYFX.

The MYFX Console retails for $249 for a one (1) year license – however for a limited time when you open an account with $2,500 or more with Gallant Capital Markets – you will receive it for FREE!!

Gallant accounts enable private and institutional clients to trade the global Forex market using Gallant’s advanced MT4 trading platform from a desktop, laptop or mobile device — when you want, where you want.

We look forward to working with Gallant Capital Markets and encourage all clients to try out the features of MYFX Console with MT4.

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Dubai Convention

The MYFX team are currently at the Middle East Forex Trading Expo in Dubai. If you are close by drop in and see us.

At the 4XP stand in Dubai

Under one roof, The 8th Middle East Forex Trading Expo and Conference aims to provide individuals, retail and institutional investors, and professionals, the latest trading techniques, new trading tools & signals available, and choose among the trusted brokers that will help them in their trading habit to grow their investment portfolio and achieve short and long term trading objectives.

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